ISA TR20 Compliant Instrument and Control Datasheets in Excel Format

Newer ISA TR20 format. 80 different TR20 Datasheets in Excel format are available. User Configurable. Purchase as a complete set of 80 for $299 and save $104 or purchase by individual category. Purchases delivered to buyer via email.

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Form #   Form Title   Samples in PDF Format
Analysis Devices
20A2192   Dissolved Oxygen/Ozone/CL2 Transmitter/Analyzer/Monitor   view Oxygen Monitor Datasheet
20A2341   pH/ORP Sensor w/wo Insertion Assembly    
20A2342   pH/ORP/Conductivity/Resistivity Transmitter/Analyzer/Monitor    
20A2351   Turbidity or Suspended Solids Sensor w/wo Integral Transmitter    
20A2352   Turbidity or Suspended Solids Transmitter or Controller    
20A2373   Humidity/Dewpoint Transmitter w/wo Switches    
20A2381   Conductivity Sensor w/wo Insertion Assembly    
20A2391   Entrained Holdup Gas Monitor    
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Valve & Regulator Devices
20C2001   Linear Motion Type Control Valve Assembly   view Linear Motion Valve Datasheet
20C2002   Linear Motion Type Control Valve Auxiliaries    
20C2011   Rotary Motion Type Control Valve Assembly    
20C2012   Rotary Motion Type Control Valve Auxiliaries    
20C2041   Linear Motion Type Motor-Operated Valve Assembly    
20C2042   Rotary Motion Type Motor Operated Valve Assembly    
20C2043   Electric Actuator and Auxiliaries    
20C2111   Pressure Regulator with/without Pilot Valve    
20C2141   Air-Release or Air/Vacuum and Combination Air Valves    
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Flow Devices
20F2011   Elbow Meter   view Elbow Meter Datasheet
20F2021   Flow Nozzle w/wo Meter Tube    
20F2031   Orifice Plate    
20F2041   Orifice Plate Assembly w/wo Meter T ube    
20F2051   Multivariable Flow Transmitter    
20F2061   Paddle Flow Switch or Flowmeter    
20F2071   Pitot Tube w/wo Insertion Assembly    
20F2081   Segmental Wedge Flow Element    
20F2101   V-Shaped Cone Flow Element    
20F2111   Venturi or Flow Tube w/wo Meter Tube    
20F2321   Magnetic Flowmeter w/wo Integral Totalizer Indicator    
20F2341   Ultrasonic Flowmeter w/wo Switches    
20F2351   Thermal Mass Flowmeter w/wo Switches    
20F2361   Thermal Mass Flow Switch    
20F2371   Turbine Flowmeter w/wo Totalizer Indicator    
20F2381   Vortex or Swirl Flowmeter w/wo Totalizer Indicator    
20F2391   Sonar Flowmeter    
20F2411   Positive Displacement Flowmeter Direct-Reading Type    
20F2421   Positive Displacement Flowmeter w/ Transmitter or Accessories    
20F2521   Coriolis Mass Flowmeter w/wo Totalizer Indicator    
20F2611   Sight Flow Indicator w/wo Illuminator    
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20G3001   General or Special Requirements    
Gen Requirements Datasheet
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Level Devices
20L2101   Capacitance or RF Admittance Level Transmitter w/wo Switches   view Capacitance Level Transmitter Datasheet
20L2111   Differential Pressure Level Transmitter - Flange Mounted    
20L2121   Displacer-Type Level Transmitter or Local Controller    
20L2141   Nuclear Radiation Level Transmitter w/wo Switches    
20L2151   Resistance-Tape Level Transmitter w/wo Switches    
20L2171   Non-contact Ultrasonic Level Transmitter w/wo Switches    
20L2301   Capacitance or RF Admittance Level Switch    
20L2311   Float or Displacer Level Switch    
20L2312   Tank Level Gauge or Indicator w/wo Switches    
20L2321   Nuclear Radiation Level Switch    
20L2351   Ultrasonic Contact-Type Level Switch    
20L2371   Rotary Level Switch    
20L2501   Liquid Level Gage Glass w/wo Illuminator    
20L2511   Magnetic Liquid Level Gage or Indicator w/wo Switches    
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Pressure & Differential Pressure Devices
20P2001   Pressure Gauge   view Pressure Gauge Datasheet
20P2011   Pressure Gauge With Diaphragm Seal    
20P2101   Differential Pressure Gauge    
20P2201   Pressure Transmitter    
20P2211   Pressure Transmitter With Diaphragm Seal    
20P2301   Differential Pressure Transmitter    
20P2311   Differential Pressure Transmitter With Diaphragm Seals    
20P2401   Pressure Switch w/wo Transmitter    
20P2501   Differential Pressure Switch w/wo Transmitter    
Pressure Safety Devices
20P2901   Rupture Disk Assembly w/wo Burst Sensor    
20P2921   Pressure Relief Valve    
Receiver Devices
20R2201   Receiver Gauge    
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Temperature Devices
20T2001   Bimetallic Thermometer w/wo Thermowell   view Bimetallic Thermometer Datasheet
20T2101   Filled-System Thermometer Assembly w/wo Thermowell    
20T2111   Filled-System Temperature Switch w/wo Thermowell    
20T2121   Filled-System Temperature Transmitter w/wo Thermowell    
20T2201   RTD Assembly w/wo Thermowell    
20T2221   RTD/Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter or Switch    
20T2301   Thermocouple Assembly w/wo Thermowell    
20T2401   Thermal Radiation Temperature Sensor w/wo Monitor    
20T2501   Thermowell or Protecting Tube Assembly    
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Weight Devices
20W2211   Load Cell or Transducer    
20W2221   Electronic Weight Transmitter, Indicator, or Controller    
Relay & Compute & Converter Devices
  Fieldbus Junction & Continuation of Tag Number List    
Position Devices
20Z2011   Electromechanical Limit Switch    
20Z2012   Proximity Sensor    
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