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ISA Datasheets

Set of 53 user configurable ISA Datasheets in Excel format. Low-cost solution fundamental to OSHA Process Safety Management. Summarize specs for Equipment, Valves, Instrumentation, and Switches.

OSHA Maintenance Procedures

Maintenance Procedures for OSHA PSM and EPA RMP Mechanical Integrity Requirements. Includes Administration, Electrical, Fixed Equipment, Inspection, Instrumentation, Rotating Equipment, and Rigging.

PHA Process Hazard Analysis

Generic Process Question Set suitable for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems. Available in Microsoft Excel format.
View general guidelines for PHA. 

Standard Maintenance Tasks

Standard Maintenance Tasks in Word and Excel format. Includes Equipment System Checks, Exterior Work, Inspection, Operation, Testing/Calibration, and Standard Preventive Maintenance Tasks.

Maintenance Planner

Identify and prioritize resources. We developed our Excel-based automated maintenance planner to assist you in planning a successful maintenance software system implementation.